We have recently added the value "type" and "universal_credit_enabled" to the config value.

As mentioned in the integration guidelines, you can configure the Mistho APP to your UX and business needs. Configurations are also a mean to help you to have different channels and have the flexibility to use our product on different parts of your own journey / product / use case. It is now possible to create as many configurations, giving them different names that will appear on the UX, as well as including your own logo into the flow as well. Below you can see a breakdown of how configuration can help you use our product in the best way.y:

UX reasons:

  • Customize the name that is displayed in our intro text
  • Upload your own logo that will be displayed by the Mistho APP that is related to a that configuration
  • Set and define custom redirection URL's where the end user will be lead in the different cases (success or failed)
  • Define the callback URL you would like to receive the response data for transactions in relation to that configuration
  • Configurations have ID's that will help you route your end users through your different flows

Business reasons:

  • Choose how many months of payslips you require for a configuration (e.g. for your pre-screening stage you require one payslip but for your post-sales stage you need 6 payslips to close the deal)
  • Activate or deactivate the manual upload for a configuration - in case one of your use cases require it
  • Uploading different logos will help you include different branches / Point of Sales for you or your client

The aim here is to offer our clients a good way to configure and customize our product for their UX and business needs and on top of that configurations will allow them to use our product for different use cases, acting as a form of "Point of Sales".

Being an API first SaaS provider, you're able to create, update and delete configurations via API.


Configuration endpoints

In the beginning it was only possible to create a configuration in the Mistho Dashboard, but for all who require more granular management of the different flows or different clients in your system, we now offer also endpoints to support all operations in that regard.

Create Configurations

  • Creating a configuration can now be integrated into your own back office / operations / on boarding flow, helping you to set up different channels where you need to route your or your clients end-users

Get Configurations

  • You can get a list of all your current configurations in case you want to display them in your own dashboard
  • If needed, you can get a specific configuration by its ID

Update Configurations

  • Update and change the configurations based on your needs immediately

Delete Configurations

  • Manage the configurations directly by deleting them as you need to


  • name: Name of the configuration and the name that will be displayed in the intro screen (string)
  • manual_upload_enabled: Decide if you require manual upload or not for this configuration (boolean)
  • requested_data_period: How many paylipss you would like us to retrieve (value between 1 and 6)
  • callback_url (optional): You can insert a callback URL to receive our responses in case of status changes of transactions
  • redirect_url (optional): The redirect URL in case of a successful employment verification (if empty there will be a "you can close the window now" message)
  • failure_redirect_url (optional): The redirect URL in case of a failed or abandoned employment verification (if empty there will be a "you can close the window now" message)
  • custom_logo_url (optional): Insert the link to you custom logo here for it to be displayed on the UX.