Mistho Income and Employment Verification


Mistho offers end-users the option to verify their income via their HR or Payroll electronic self service platform. End-users simply need to select the software/platform they use to retrieve their payslips and will be asked to login. Once logged in, Mistho will then, with the data subjects clear consent, retrieve the necessary payslip data requested and process it for use by the partner. In some cases, leveraging the HR/Payroll platform, there could be more data points available about the employment that will be extracted; thus this use case should be the preferred method.

Income verification via Document upload
In the case that the end-users HR/Payroll is not available, it is possible to upload manually the necessary amounts of payslips to verify the subject's income. All data displayed on the payslip will be read with an optical character recognition method. Once done the uploaded payslip and the extracted data will be made available in the transaction response. It is important to note that the data displayed on the payslips handed to employees can vary. Manual upload functionality is configurable and can be turned on/off if desired.


Manual Upload for Income verification

To be able to leverage this services, please follow these guidelines to integrate our solution on your platform.



If you encounter any problems or have general questions about these guidelines or the implementation process, do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected]