Mistho's UI for you to integrate

The Mistho APP user interface allows end-users to verify their employment and income. All user information entered into the Mistho APP are encrypted and no credentials are stored. The module handles the complexity of multi-factor authentication and access control, thus enabling a smooth user experience.


Some quick facts about our UI:

  • The UI can be integrated as an iframe, an overlay, a pop-up, etc. depending on your requirements
  • Income verification request can also be send via email, which opens a stand-alone version of the UI
  • The Mistho APP is customizable (top logo, more options coming soon, etc.)
  • The Mistho APP is configurable (payslip manual upload on/off, how many required payslips, etc.)
  • Search by Provider and/or Employer (coming soon)
  • It’s current set up is responsive with
    • max. height: 967px;
    • max. width: 480px;

Please follow the guide for further information for when and where in your platform it is best for you to implement this.