As mentioned in the Scoping section, you might require to retrieve a List of all available providers / employers on Mistho's APP, before routing your users through that flow. For this reason we provide you with a Provider List endpoint so that you can fetch all providers and display them to your user.


The endpoint allows you retrieve a list of all available providers / employers, but if necessary you can also use it to search for a specific provider or filter the results.


  • ID: Provider uID
  • Name: Provider displayed name
  • slug: Provider name used by the system
  • type: Provider or Employer

The request accept the following parameters:

  • id: the provider id
  • name: receives the slug of the provider(for MyEpayWindow would be “iris”)
  • type: receive the type of the provider (gig, employer, and payroll)
  • limit: the number of providers you want to get in your response
  • sort_dir: the direction you want it to be sorted (“asc” or “desc”)
  • sort_field: the field in which we will sort by

All parameters can be used simultaneously, so you would be “chaining” the search parameters. For the slug the parameters are case sensitive, so passing “Sage” will not retrieve anything