Plan your income verification implementation

Our income verification flow can be integrated in various different parts of your process flow. So it is recommended to start by scoping the user flow:

  • Where in your flow do you want to leverage Mistho's income verification?
  • Which of your users would you route through income verification?

Where to integrate employment verification

You can leverage via the Mistho APP the information that is displayed on your end-users payslip, which can give you various options how and when to implement the income verification.


Pre-qualifying: You can start your user flow with the Mistho APP as a pre-qualifier and auto fill your application process with the information that we provide you.

Decision step: Integrate the income verification step at the crucial part of your application process flow, for you to take a decision, based on the input you receive from us.

Verification step: Income verification can also be part of your verification process, after the application.

Stand alone: Do you want to have a Dashboard where you handle the application points asynchronous or remain flexible when you require your applicants to verify their income? The Mistho APP URL can be send to whoever, where a stand-alone version of the user interface is displayed.

Which users route through Mistho

You have total flexibility where to initiate the Mistho user interface. You can either route all your users through Mistho and leverage the document upload or you can check the users provider before sending him through Mistho to assure high conversion.

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Coming soon

You will be able to utilize our search provider endpoint to power the company search field on your user journey. Filters will be made available to distinguish between providers, companies and gig.

Scope the data you need

Mistho will offer you a wide range of data points that are provided by different data sources, such as the payslip or the employees HR platform. Most relevant data for the income verification would be:

  • employee data
  • income data (earnings, gross pay, net pay, etc.)
  • tax & deductions (social security, pension payments, student etc.)
  • payslip data (pay date, tax month, etc.)

Please refer to the Mistho API reference for the full list of data points that are available to you.