Before you start, make sure to create API Keys in the Mistho Dashboard! For more information about our Authentication please follow the instructions here.


For each Income verification request a transaction is created and a transaction ID ("transaction_id") is returned with the URL to the Mistho app (UI). Since end-users do not need to create accounts, the data concerning that end user is always related to a successful transaction. In order to help identify the transaction a reference ID ( "ref_id") can be provided in the create transaction call. Transactions will be either shown in the Mistho Dashboard or it can be retrieved via the Mistho API.

All attempts will create transactions and if unfinished, the status will just go from CREATED to FAILED (after a timeout), so for the MVP only successful transactions should be considered.

Transaction Status

CREATEDInitial status of every transaction, which will remain until either the process has finished successfully, failed or it timed out.
PROCESSINGOnce the login was successful on the Mistho app, the status will change to PROCESSING, which means the data is being extracted. The transaction status can switch either to FAILED or COMPLETED.
FAILEDThe status of the transaction will go to FAILED if either there was a problem with the HR/Payroll platform or Mistho's system.
COMPLETEDThe transaction status will change to COMPLETED once the requested income verification was done and all requested data from the end-user has been collected from either the HR/ Payroll platform or from the manual upload.